Thursday, June 05, 2003

"The government document talks about 'creativity' as a capacity for spontaneous expression lying dormant within each individual, just waiting to be set free. 'Everyone is creative', announces the report: 'imagination, innovation and original expression are vital components of what it is to be human and to be part of society.'"(Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). 2001 Green Paper Culture and Creativity: The Next Ten Years [pdf])


"For a start, they talk about artistic creation as being painful and scary rather than uplifting. 'It's the most terrifying thing to do. It causes me a great deal of pain', said composer Harrison Birtwistle. His problems with the latest score stop him sleeping - and even dominate his dreams. The painter Paula Rego describes her work as 'fraught with danger and risk of total embarrassment' - it is a leap into the unknown, and most of these leaps end in failure: 'the idea goes wrong many times.'"(John Tusa. On Creativity: interviews exploring the process)

(from: Taking creativity to task by Josie Appleton. via OLDaily.)

:: comment :: . . . as an educator I strive to open the portal of creativity for every individual . . . yet "meticulous discipline and perseverance" is a known given . . . gentle guidance may promote a greater sense of self worth . . . often required is clear, concise insight demanding self-sacrifice . . . a deep trust - trust in the process/ the work is essential . . .