Tuesday, March 05, 2002


the utanikki - carry the poem forward 

The utanikki is a Japanese form of personal diary, distinguished by its alternations between poetry and prose, its concern with process and the passage of time, its rejection for the need for daily entries, and its fictionalizing of events.

:: note :: ... hmmm ... a poetic journal of lived time ... add juxtapositions, slips, spaces, twists, gaps ... a rhetoric of space ... it's cold outside so watch that you don't slip on the ice ... especially in the early morning
... the light burns in the bathroom all the time ... the switch is broken ... the light burns in the office all the time ... the switch is broken ...
... always light but that doesn't help if the alarm clock runs randomly slow missing an hour here or there, when it pleases ... waking late today, running late but still on time ...