Monday, February 04, 2002

It matters?

The omnipresent nagging questions at the edge of every post & publish: Why blog? Why blogrolling? What is mine? It matters?

From one : But why blog at all, really? Why does anyone do it? To post these tiny fragments of a life, or links to sites that would probably be found anyway...all these variations of design and content, to what ultimate purpose? Sometimes I think it's a reaction to the tendency in modern life to stifle the unconventional, to muzzle the crowd so that only the mainstream and majority opinions are heard . . .


meg is still thinking

Conclusion #1:

This site is about me. Don't forget the crucial "about". It's a little word, but it makes a big difference. I am not my website.

Conclusion #2:

I love the internet. I love the medium and the possibilities and the potential and the people.

Conclusion #3:

Writing will always be my first love.

Conclusion #4:

I need to reconcile the things I love in order to be happy.

Conclusion #5:

If you are trying to read between the lines, don't bother. There's nothing there but white space.

Ethel : The usual copyright stuff applies, but I probably won't get enraged until I find a clone site with absolutely no attribution (which, by the way, has happened twice with some of my other stuff). Finally, if anyone's offended by anything on this site then please do notify me immediately. I like to keep track of those times when I get something right.

copyleft : We haven't given up our copyright on this article, but we have agreed to waive many of the exclusive rights a copyright normally bestows.

The final thought from:
Visible Darkness : I do believe that writing helps us figure out who we are becoming. The sense that we can know "what we have become" seems a bit foolish, because the flux never stops. Writing taught me that. I am never the same person who finishes writing something that I was, before the writing was begun. It's part of a process of change, of deepening and broadening the horizons. Of living. Because I am living, I feel and think. The two are inseparable. I write about both.