Thursday, January 31, 2002


Questions are so important but it is important to ask questions that provoke and challenge towards answers that can be lived. Where do the following lead? I often wonder if I sometimes am following mad paths down endless corridors . . . like Andy Warhol looking through Marilyn Munroe.
Capitalism begins when you open the dictionary.(Steven McCaffery)

bpNichol writes, "the trouble with conclusions is that they conclude. ("Things I don't really understand about myself." - alternate title in Table of Contents "NOTEBOOK: a composition on composition." Open Letter 6. 2-3, p.148)

"... to that end should Z reiterate the alphabet? Should it complete the letters by synthesizing meaning, answering possible questions and objections, and setting up goals for future research?" (Peter Jaeger. ABC of reading TRG, p. 121)

FMH had a Word of the Day: esemplastic (es-em-PLAS-tik) [adjective]: Having the capability of moulding diverse ideas or things into unity.

I thought I'd add my word of the day: Alfred Jarry's definition of 'pataphysics as: "the science of imaginary solutions" (Selected Works of Alfred Jarry, p.193)

If you want wonderful reflections & answers on randomness, thought, memory, voice power, story, good reasons look to visible darkness