Sunday, August 11, 2013

Miller you sleep

There was to be a meeting.  A meeting at the Mill.  A gathering to give thanks - a homage. They arrived, bought provisions & slept.  They began to drum, sing & recite text. They found a small clearing in front of the Mill & hung a sheet. They created a series of songs & text following memory & instinct. From within a story emerged. Three days passed. It was time to prepare the feast. They cooked all afternoon. Everything was ready or at least as ready as could be given the time. The guests, who were actually the family and friends of the caretakers of the land, drifted to the place. There was a meeting, a feast & a giving of thanks. 

This was not the meeting. There was another encounter. A facing. "Miller, you sleep" he suggested. 

Who are you?
Who is knocking at the door?
Crying out for the door to open
Without even searching for me.
Even though I don't know you
I can't bare to leave you.
I try to open the door.
The door is latched from the inside
And the outside. 
This you don't seem to know.
If I open the door from the inside
What good is it.
Who are you
Who dare to be birthed at a closed door.

- Yi Sang

Still it was not a question of who you are but what are you?
You who have preserved the Mill for centuries now.
Have housed many. Provided sustenance, shelter, solitude & silence.

In the beginning is relation.

We came to honor ... Arrival. Camp. Drum. Love Song. Soldier Song. Bird Song. "... it has ever been ..." Separation Song. Meeting/Correct Equation 4. Spinning Wheel Song & Mask dance. The Colors. River Song. Mill teaching song.

In the end there was a promise of tomorrow.

Nothing more than ...

They walked to the nearest village & to the orchid field, napped on the hammock, he swam in the lake and worked clearing the forest, she sang & drummed for the visitors & they built fires. The stars burned deep into the night sky & the gentle rains came. Snails crawled the paths & they bathed in the hot waters of the tub.

Later she said that night another dreamed the trees danced around the Mill & much later a baby came.

::Note:: ... This was a dream me come true ...