Friday, July 05, 2013


Visited a dear friend at Maison de Sante de Bellevue.

He was frail looking.  Thoughts came to mind.

We are made of a core that expresses the entire concept of self much like a radical the main component of an ideogram (an ideogram being a written sign that expresses an entire concept rather than a sound like a letter of the alphabet).

When a clear gaze comes from outside the core can draw attention - various at[tensions]

The core may be a gate or threshold and is certainly a border.

We listen to each other on the threshold as we h[ear].

We are receptive to a gleam coming from an invisible gleam of self.

Through the cracks in the core we see in-between spaces as the sunlight and/or moonlight shines.

Our sounds stand beneath the core as a darkness ... the sound doesn't block the gateway but connects this side with the other so hearing is no longer impeded ... yet  the sentence is a wall.

Think of self as gateways/openings not as repositories/containers where meanings might be stored like possessions.

words: threshold, gate, to hear, to open, in-between space, to gleam, darkness

to open the word ... not sentences ... not language ... not speech ...
to open the word imitates silence.

We stand core to core to process/translate a specific significance inherent in each other which manifests self in its translatability.

::Note:: ... wandering from one border to another ... thanks to CELAN READS JAPANESE Susan Bernofsky (tr.), Yoko Tawada ...