Saturday, April 27, 2013

movement reflection

Reflecting on classes just completed.

The body is, yet not only, movement.
In work there is the emptiness called space ... or is it heart or rigor?
In play the space parts then moves in to fill where the body's been ... or is it  absence that parts and fills or energy?
We have deeply personal reasons for moving, working and playing.
Yet always we partner to hold the space and to keep things whole.
Memory is on our side as long as we observe, listen, encounter and reveal in dancingness.
"It is about finding a true sense of your path in the theatre and in life and finding where it links. The only way it makes sense to me in any literal way is through the analogy of the waves of the ocean hitting the beaches of the earth. I see that theatre and art and the way of the actor is the ocean, a vast swell of the human spirit, whose full potential can never quite be tapped (though we strive to do so) and the earth represents our human, mundane life, it represents the body we are stuck to the ground with and it is when they meet that we are allowed to move, breathe, create, and feel. Is that a start to an understanding of the way of the actor?" (from a student response)
:: Note :: ... My work is called associology ... more of a spirit than a discipline. One aim of this field is to retrieve an aliveness possessed by individuals, discover in dancingness & singingness impulses and feed this as an encounter back to the source from which they came. As a result of this process, people might be able to source something even as they unveil & reveal their autonomy.