Friday, June 01, 2012

WS Notes

Towards Action 
(from Impulse through association to elements of inaction)
Participants: Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew
Monday, May 21 - Friday June 1 @ The Temple 7 - 9 pm.

Day 1:  Space:  Introduce Centering, The Plastiques, Cat and Voice
             fundamentals of breath, chant & body connection. Vigil.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 2:  Place: Centering multiple times with movement together. Floor work.
            Establishing place & enter with exchange.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 3: Territory: Searching connection/ contact. Weight & Balance.
             The inner dance & the solo. Dancingness. Silence.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 4: Emblem:  Entering the space one at a time.  Breath and Vibration to
            word. Singingness. Improvisation. 
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 5: Occupy: Circles & Revolutions in place.Wearing the place and
            watching the Shadow.
(Stefan & Kristen)

______________  Sat. & Sun. break ________________

Day 6: Improvisation: Kristen leads the work repeating previous session for
            Andrew. Improv. around Kassandra text.
(Stefan, Kristen, & Andrew)

Day 7: Zones & Spheres around place.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared  Andrew)

Day 8: Inhabit: Each place is occupied. Add materials. Fabric and stick.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 9: Individual Etudes. Power Position in Place. Follow Breath, Body,
            Voice and Text. Kristen guides Stefan, Stefan guides Jared, Jared
             guides Andrew. Repeat Etude.    
             Repeat Etude one after the other. 
            False ending.
            Stefan. Jared & Andrew repeat and then shape etude. 
            The Murder & Mourning
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 10: Crescents & whirling. Hanging & twisting. Drone. Mask.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

:: Note :: ... just a bunch of code words for documentary purposes ...