Sunday, June 10, 2012

crumbs of memory

... The Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Woolf Conference yielded two open parts to their program. A play & poetry reading: Angel in the House by Eureka at Greystone Theatre presented by the University of Saskatchewan Drama Department & poet Louise Halfe/Skydancer reading at the Mendel Art Gallery ...

... what I love about conferences, though I was not a participant, is the research aura that surrounds these events ... a celebration of research ... both events ultimately revealed treasures of knowledge ... 

... just some simple notes afterwards ...

... who was Bloomsbury? Eureka? ... the play was partly "an exploration of the gender and sexual politics of Bloomsbury, her intellectual/artistic circle ... Bloomsbury's interdisciplinary nature ... Woolf's friends, family members, and colleagues suggest how a combination of academic work, artistic production, and political analysis can articulate itself through public engagement." ... " a veteran member of New York's Ridiculous Theatre company" ...

... listening to Louise Halfe reading ... refreshingly passionate and playful ... always teaching and learning ... She introduced herself first in Cree then in English ... shared wihtikow, wisahkecahk, and e-kweskit ... couldn't catch the first name ... as Halfe couldn't remember e-kweskit till the end half jokingly saying not time to share I guess ... guess it's not time for me to remember ...  

... she read with such joyful rhythm accelerating to thoughtful silences ... gesturing to the skies and horizons ... peering at us over the top of her glasses to make sure we were not lost ... her words rose from her flaming red dress and silver hair like the glowing heated stones and smoke of a healing lodge ... that's what it was ... not a poetry reading but a prayer of oral storytelling ... disguised as good gossip ... 

... she answered questions exhuberently ... concluded  wanting to know where everyone was from and was excited to hear the names of Nebraska, Idaho, Italy as well as Scotland and England ... 

:: Note :: ... leaving crumbs of memory ...

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Impulse WS

Workshop Impulse concluded

Awkwardly first described as Towards Action (from impulse through association to elements of inaction) the ten day sessions ultimately examined the practice and vocabulary of Joe Chaikin and the creative actor.

"I felt a terrific longing for a kind of ensemble," Mr. Chaikin told author William Goldman, for the book, "The Season." "I wanted to play with actors, actors who felt a sensitivity for one another... In order to come to a vocabulary, we had to teach each other: we had no ambitions other than to meet and play around... " (Playbill)

The days submerged into seven investigations: space, place, territory, emblem, sphere & zone, occupation & inhabit. 

The individual body & voice training exercises moved subtly into acts of mapping and connection forming constellations.

Words flowed from reflective actors lips: spontaneity, silence, source, partner, community, ether and beacon.

Fragments from Kassandra in the Anne Carson translation of Aiskhylos Agamemnon and Samuel Beckett Stories and texts for nothing (4, 8 & 9) were found, given, voiced & shared.

Chaikin Open Theater workshop, 1966. 

The improvisations were wondrous raids on the inarticulate. The studies were intense
I hear breathing. . . . I listen to it and feel it. It is regular and hypnotic. It turns into a drone, and I drone too. . . . I can hear it all around me; I am within it. I match myself to it. I don't want to alter it but to let it alter me. - A book on the Open Theatre - Robert Pasolli (32)
There was a murder. 

There was a mask.

A manifesto.

What is an impulse?
Calling Impulse from a far. 
Impulse is our root teacher.
Impulse is a very personal matter.
Impulse is the practice that enables us to mature.
An impulse bestows the empowerment to transmit a text. 

One can meet many impulses but experience no change.

:: Note :: ... deepest gratitude to Stefan, Kristen, Andrew and Jared ... when asked what they had taken away they responded ... a letting go of holding all mental attachment to ideas, allowing a free access to wholeness, an awareness for nothing, not to be an emerging artist but simply the artist ... thanks for the openness ...

Friday, June 01, 2012

WS Notes

Towards Action 
(from Impulse through association to elements of inaction)
Participants: Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew
Monday, May 21 - Friday June 1 @ The Temple 7 - 9 pm.

Day 1:  Space:  Introduce Centering, The Plastiques, Cat and Voice
             fundamentals of breath, chant & body connection. Vigil.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 2:  Place: Centering multiple times with movement together. Floor work.
            Establishing place & enter with exchange.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 3: Territory: Searching connection/ contact. Weight & Balance.
             The inner dance & the solo. Dancingness. Silence.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 4: Emblem:  Entering the space one at a time.  Breath and Vibration to
            word. Singingness. Improvisation. 
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 5: Occupy: Circles & Revolutions in place.Wearing the place and
            watching the Shadow.
(Stefan & Kristen)

______________  Sat. & Sun. break ________________

Day 6: Improvisation: Kristen leads the work repeating previous session for
            Andrew. Improv. around Kassandra text.
(Stefan, Kristen, & Andrew)

Day 7: Zones & Spheres around place.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared  Andrew)

Day 8: Inhabit: Each place is occupied. Add materials. Fabric and stick.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 9: Individual Etudes. Power Position in Place. Follow Breath, Body,
            Voice and Text. Kristen guides Stefan, Stefan guides Jared, Jared
             guides Andrew. Repeat Etude.    
             Repeat Etude one after the other. 
            False ending.
            Stefan. Jared & Andrew repeat and then shape etude. 
            The Murder & Mourning
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

Day 10: Crescents & whirling. Hanging & twisting. Drone. Mask.
(Stefan, Kristen, Jared & Andrew)

:: Note :: ... just a bunch of code words for documentary purposes ...