Saturday, April 14, 2012

SoulWork defined

It has become a part of a way of looking at playing the play. Developed over the years & seems time now to open and share.

SoulWork: An Associology experiment on the play Grass Tomb by Oh Tae-sok. A Drama 119 class experience at "The Temple" (studio in Saskatoon) conducted by Raymon Montalbetti with music AeRan Jeong.


Actors encounter a play. Read the playwrights text. Follow stage directions. Research the setting, the time & the place. Prepare to build a character. Create a role. Listen to the vision of their co-workers. Uncover emotional landscapes. Imagine a life.

All this is known. It is the skin and bones, the tissue and muscles, the senses and thoughts and the heart and breath of a play and playing.

What about the soul. I mean the soul of the play. Everything unknown beyond the play boundries. If a play has a soul how ...

Peter Brook writes in the Empty Space: "In the theatre 'if' is an experiment."

SoulWork is a noetic experiment to touch the soul of the play.

A play comes into your life at a specific moment.
Gather & then select all that lies around.

SoulWork is a collection of associations woven together in a particular time&space.
Impulses are generated and followed as if in a dream.

SoulWork is a window into the one shaping the action.
Territories are carved by impulses.

SoulWork is an experiment to keep the contact with the mystery which lies at the heart of playing the play.

:: Note :: ... have posted on SoulWork / SleepWork but never attempted a definition ...