Wednesday, February 01, 2012

the invisible actor

There once was a woman who spent a long time backstage. She had no reason for doing this, other than she was weary, and sadly she was  even more weary backstage, which is dark and consists mainly of scenic flats and props made to look real but are illusions. 

One day she noticed a spotlight in the corner and decided to plug it in.  A beam of gold light shot across the stage. A group of actors flinched and shielded their eyes, a director shouted, a stage manager came running and stage hands appeared as if from nowhere thrashing about in the dark as if a fire alarm had sounded and they were seeking the exit. All stopped in front of the light.

Dust particles danced in the beam and a moth wildly fluttered trapped eventually exploding nearing the heat of the light. Someone pulled the plug and backstage returned to its weary dark illusions.

She thought about crying or maybe screaming but was too weary and besides she found herself onstage only no one could see her. It was as if she were a ghost. No, not a ghost because some people claim to see ghosts and she was invisible. 

She had always known that things backstage were expected to be invisible until they were on stage when they were expected to visibly perform their function. Now she was onstage and she concluded her function was to be invisible. 

She crossed upstage to downstage. She liked being invisible. I mean wouldn't you if you could have the chance, at least for a short time. She began to follow an actor. A particularly older person who had no lines and was silently involved in the scene. This actor was inaudible and she was invisible. She was the invisible actor and she thought, " Now what?"

In any event she was no longer weary.

:: Note :: ...