Saturday, December 10, 2011

four recurring dreams

I am lost in a foreign city. Usually the city is  in a state of ruin. Though I meet people from my long ago past am unable to find my way & never make it to the airport. The panic wakes me up.

My university degree is revoked as it is discovered I neglected to hand in a required essay.

My car is broken into and ransacked.

I'm mortally sick unable to die.

:: Note :: ... after a four year absence Oblivio: Stories and such by Michael Barrish returns ...  in the early days of blogging before twitter & facebook and the whole notion of social media he was a favourite ... his quirky humour & wit, clean & minimal look with what I believed to be a deeper sense of purpose inspired me  ...  the reason I love a good rss reader is a subscription may lie dormant for years & suddenly come to life ... as in the past  Four Recurring Dreams  inspired this post of mine ... I missed you Michael ...  much like the etymology of Oblivio & much like Forgetfulness from Idiotic Hat: Tales told by an Idiot ...