Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Temple Theatre

Kristen Holfeuer / For the You / ᕦ
What happens when we remember?
What happens when we delve into the memories of others?

Are we entitled to the knowledge contained in the memories of those who came before us?

I don’t feel like this piece was created so much as remembered. If process, form, and content all inform one another, it is only right a piece about memory should be created by remembering and then shaped like memories floating (or sometimes hiding) in the brain.
- Kristen

... engages the ancestor, lets her speak giving back her voice. Tells a story to the ancestor in ourselves. For the lives of others to truly matter the ancestor must be encountered to open the present.

... Walter Benjamin in 'The Storyteller', "less an answer to a question than a proposal concerning the continuation of a story which is just unfolding."

... enlists the ancestor to an attentiveness that lives & moves from breath to breath, body to mouth, sound to word singing the world we carry. - Raymon

AeRan Jeong / Sori (Sound)
Pansori / Chunhyangga: story of love between Chunhyang, the daughter of a kisaeng, legally an entertainer of the government, required to perform various functions for the state and Yi Mongryong, the son of a magistrate.
Dongbaek taryong (Camellia Call): Minyo (Folk Song)
Pansori / Heungbuga: A story of Heungbu who was a poor but good man with many children.
Pahrongsae (Bluebird)
Pansori: The term pansori is derived from pan (판, meaning "a place where many people gather"), and sori (소리, meaning "sound").

Raymon Montalbetti / Delights
... meeting & meanderings in the cultural stream ... a tone poem following Grass Jelly, part one of meeting & meanderings ... a little bit like putting body memory back into cultural memory and likewise archiving the cultural memory back in the body - both of which tickle a bit.

Text: from The Story of the Mount Potala Delights verse 139, 140 & 141.
A Visionary Journey - Longchenpa
Translated and annotated by Herbert V. Guenther

We hope you enjoy.

:: Note :: ... All photos from a Rehearsal Shoot by b. proudlove ... presented on the evenings of Aug. 14 & Sept. 5.