Saturday, March 26, 2011


In their final journey with Greystone Theatre, it is fitting that fourth-year University of Saskatchewan drama students are taking on the epic journey of Homer's The Odyssey by American playwright Mary Zimerman. Photograph by: Gord Waldner, The StarPhoenix

:: note :: ... the Cyclops & Athena were Romeo & Juliet this past summer ... not all of them are 4th year ... student newspaper The Sheaf article (Pdf) ...

Monday, March 21, 2011

to the limit Skit Skit

Skit Skit is not a band nor a brand.

Not a post-modern apocalyptic traveling troupe though rumors prevail this may be the next logical step. Not a TV show nor Youtube sensation but see them on Skitskittv or YouTube-SkitSkitTV .

Not a counterculture network nor a legit theatre company - "It doesn't pay". Nor a wild animal collective/kingdom. Just a few friends having fun ... like Facebook friends or @Skit_Skit handles to follow.

They do alternative video-and-theatre sketch comedy and are in their "third season of political satire, farce, fantasy and just plain ridiculousness."

Their latest self proclaimed animal themed show revolves around personal interests of death, violence, tragedy, slang terms for the human anatomy & most significantly ad busting in the vien of Adbusters.

There is a dolphin-like satire of teenage angst, a rooster Agamemnon poke at greek tragedy, a tribute to Groove the cat & a foxy monologue ... yes and a pirate pole dance-off ... all acted with the highest of self-referential zeal matched by .mov digital virtuosity from a jesus video blog to the Chad ad which was a breadcrumb for the powerful ending punch line.

This group of friends are working artists. Performers filled with creativity and complexity. Actors who like playing together and riffing off each others material simply laying down a set of grooves onto which zany skits are separated from other scurrilous grooves of serious skit & silence. Hence Skit Skit.

Their dilemma is that they are not a band - a group of musicians collected around a sound releasing recordings for then they would have an identity with a fully loaded industry ... as they look out at us wondering why we're gathered around them ... we could tell them that we like them first and foremost as friends ... they are fun & funny ... deeply engaging ... a culture of many & we die to laugh & laugh to die with them ... a bit of funny or die ... an evening with Skit Skit is somewhat transforming as they seek the unsayable edge ... unpredictable, brilliant, mercurial, moody ... that's how I feel when I leave Skit Skit ...

With friends we have our favorite moments: mine the naive/surreal "Saskatchewan is changing" ... started to count the broom swishes ... felt trapped in some time warp ... contemplated myself in the trap ... the theatre to lotteries to capitalism to ... Skit Skit ...

Skit Skit knows the performers field is a space of wild contradiction & phenomenal exploitation ... they play at being Skit Skit ... a brand name without a brand ... we gather around them because they are a site of commonality, movement, energy and desire. They even listen to us or at least say they do. Sometimes I want their satire to be sharper & more pointed, way over the limit ... or maybe use less ... well John Steward on the Daily Show makes it effective with bleeps. Do I really want to change friends? No! Just delighted when they bust out their Skit Skit when ready.

Skit Skit is the artist/poet/actor worker friend composing a theatrical codex-calligraphy, image collage - from materials left at our shock policies culture dump.

Hope to see you around again soon.

:: note :: ... thanks for the evening ... pushed the handle Skit Skit enough times hoping to increase the google ranking ... & what fantastic music that formed the soundscape for Skit Skit ...

Sunday, March 06, 2011

scene - seen

the scene - seen
in site - sight
we see what we know and what we are conditioned to see

the scene - seen
something we didn't know
something we can't quite see

the scene is not action anymore
a meta-action
a gesture that creates the possibility
to instanciate further spaces
further forms for expression

processes, emotions,
attention, perception and cognition
your cultural awareness, your emotions,
your feelings grow relationally in context
building on differences, interactions
and interrelations in experiment

start to understand how things play
in emergent, ephemeral imagination

acting and rendering are not equivalent
more than an assertion, a suspension

:: note :: ... apologies to the -empyre- list which is always a gold mine of thought ... access the archives ...