Saturday, January 22, 2011


Now here
Layers of time

Close your eyes
We are Korea

Where the
Sky, clouds, earth

Sky calling clouds
Clouds called earth

Their voicings
Thunder the rhythm

Tonight nourish
Unfold distant language

Here rings
Vibrations of

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:: note :: ... AeRan performs today in Paris with Olsou: The Korean Drumming Association ... it is their 5th annual concert ... the words are my own transliteration of their program notes ... drumming voices her spirit & I wish her and her company great joy ...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tales for Little Ones

The Drama 20/30 Class presented Tales from the World to Day Care children as their final project.

They all made masks and at the end of the presentation each child who attended was given a mask which they treasured.

The presentation involved many stories, dance and song. Chantal wrote Kira and the Elves. Barinidum and Louise sang. The Raven Story a story handed down by the Tsimshian tribe, The Spider and the Honey Tree from a West African collection of three stories titled Deep in the Bush Where People Rarely Ever Go and an original story by Amy Lafontaine Wesuhkechuhk and the Mouse were then shared as Brydon danced in between the stories. The last tale, The Bear who lost his Cave was written collectively by the whole class ending the presentation singing and dancing to The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

A magical spirit filled the theatre when the children attended and as a class we felt the power of imagination. A truly rewarding experience.

Read an appreciative thank you note from a former student who brought her daughter.

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:: note :: ... when do we lose the pure joy of imagination? ... the three year olds taught us so much about wonder & awe ,,, thank you grade 11 & 12 students for sharing & creating ... rare moments of simple magic ...

Saturday, January 15, 2011


a day

after departure
found words

a shimmer
welled up
from beneath

not everything
is saved
from mistaken
erasure and loss

deep are
the breathes
that linger
making absence
"han" present

recollections are
not necessary

I watch
the snow
fall gentle

we dream

our story

- See: Personal Poetry

:: note :: ... over the holiday season the Temple was broken into ... lots lost ... I even erased material I wanted to keep ... loss and erasure ...

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Lottery 2010

The Drama 10 Class finished the Term with three powerful performances of a Brainerd Duffield adaptation of Shirley Jackson's short story The Lottery.
Their presentation stimulated much discussion and many thanks to all the classes who came.

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- See: Plays Teens

:: note :: ... the 2010 version fit the group like a glove challenging each student ... thanks for your work ...