Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sleeper Awake

The Sleeper Awake

A Tale from 1001 Nights Adapted by Paul Sills
Caliph ….. Sage Chartrand
Abu ….. Ashley Zuniga
Slave ….. Crissy Tamosiunis
Singer ….. Kaitlyn Ledene
Mother ..... Larissa St. Onge

Sleeper Awake was presented to all our Feeder Schools in the month of October. We thank the Grade 3/4/5/6 classes of St. Edward, St. Goretti, St. John, St. Mary & St. Michael for their wonderful hospitality.

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:: note :: ... presented in Story Theatre style the players narrate their actions and create props by way of shaping & handling the space ... a special group of teens performing a valuable service ... it was our intention to increase awareness of the beautiful Islamic literary tradition ... it seemed to work ...