Sunday, August 29, 2010

Louie Louie

have you ever gone
downstairs to a place

where vinyl & plastic
steel strings & code
to electric
feedback storyland soul

where a single mosquito
buzz thirsty resides

skillful & deft
heart in his ears
for blood
pulsing warm beat

i have & i tell you
lifelines are sweet

the delight is gentle
the bliss & joy
chord memories
ghostly future past

am going downstairs
before winter snows

blind grateful hope
restless & old
eternal comfort
most affectionate friend

play again & again & again ……… Louie Louie ……. amen.

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::note::... each year we meet twice at most ... 25 years ago we met everyday a classroom away ... still the most creative musical educator anyone could meet ... thanks for the afternoon ... take them away jc ...