Wednesday, December 02, 2009


With warning
as lightning heralds thunder
love rumbles my heart.

Textwork is a practice, not a product.

It is praxis, part and parcel of the critique of the everyday creative life act.
It invites something out of nothing. A source.

TextwUrk is not a metaphor, not metaphorical. It is creative work. A passion.

It exists precisely in the obdurate interstice between body and voice.
It exists in the arrow - the connection. It is memory. It is invisible to illuminate.

It is not a set of procedures or perceptions. It is the crisis noise in the system.
It is not the encapsulation or object of the crisis noise or the system.

It is continuous; it is parasitic; it is thetic. It seeks obstacle.

It is of no interest except as cultural residue: it is of great interest to the actor's studies.

It is nothing more than the continuous reification, territorialization and rendering of the
actor's work/etude - as if the etude were always already cleansed, available for the taking -
as if the etude were already transformed into living action.

Textwrk is demonstrative, a demonstrative fragment, an experiment, partial-inscription,
partial-object, the automatic prior to its presentation, the linguistic kernel of the pre-linguistic.
TexTwork is the thetic, the gestural of the demonstrative.

It is the gesture that never quite takes. It is the noise inherent in the gestural.

To TextWork is not to produce text; it is to create a study on the pre-level of living action;
the irreversible spew of cellular automata is TextwOrk, all the better if the rules of vibration,
support, range, position, character, voice and repetition are noisy.

The cultural production of tEXtwork abjures intensifications, strange attractors & descriptions
such as this. The hunt and reception of impulse & association is TextworK. Creators on the edge
are circumscribed by textwork. Malfunctioned psychoanalytics & scatologies are dissolute,
partial, always already incomplete: the differend is Textwork.

Be wary of the violence of the legible text. Beware the metaphor which institutionalizes,
the text which defines, the text of positivities, not negations, the circumscribing text,
the inscribing text; beware of the producers and institutions of these texts, whose stake
is in hardening of definitions, control, capital, slaughter: Texts slaughter.

Textwork slaughters texts.

:: note ::. ... used What is Codework? as template for this statement towards What is Textwork ... apologies to Alan Sondheim |sondheim {AT}| (Tue, 16 May 2006 08:46:55 -0400 (EDT)) ...