Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"... Openness is not the enemy.
Openness is what protects these kids.
Openness is what draws people out into the open, like those Flickr photo collectors (you can be sure they are known to police, or at least, that they should be).

And openness is what allows you - and others - to talk to your kids, to give them the tools to protect them from danger, to given them the knowledge and the empowerment to stand up to those people whether they are total strangers or close family..."
(Stephen Downes | comment 7)

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:: note :: ... an issue that needs to be opened within our personal, private, public, institutional environments ... the struggle/choice to be open - when & how ... responsibility (the ability to respond) is threefold: me, my partners & my environment ... a personal attack requires healing and leaves scars ... living with scars ... be open, be sensible, be sensitive (full of senses) ... it is risk ...