Monday, September 01, 2008


Organize/Narrat(ive)e learning experiment/challenge:
how is connectivism related to enabling a participatory pedagogy
Pre- Course
signed up for Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Online Course
visited blog

signed up for:
SL component & joined google group
added dates to Doodle
logged in to Moodle CCK08
listened to EdTechTalk #81 & #82 & interview
read posts:
Planning Page, English Pageflakes, support wiki, Sarah's Musings, Connectivism blog, The Connective

uploaded latest SL, visited Chilbo & twittered from there.

- See: CCK08

:: note :: ... accept those talking marks/grades/assessment/institutions is an important part of their narrative ... after this pre-course "work" must chip away to principles of personal practice by ruthless selection of info-nodes ... find it difficult to commit (be open) to any process structured/unstructured of "network" whether social, neuronal or conceptual ... live chaos ... love complexity & diversity ... keep experimenting with (x28) rules versus patterns, complicated vs. complex, equivalence vs. similarity, and coping with ambiguity and uncertainty ... my paradox is to be a fully involved participant & be invisible ... have shifted posts on this CCK08 course over to it's own category ...