Saturday, June 21, 2008

meeting bill bissett

wz 1 of thoz polar bear timez
u no all north outside & shimmern inside
n i wz 2 listn 2 bill bissett
excellent wild i thot

A picture named bbnak.jpg

standing 4 tickets he came up behind me
not sure sew askd who he wz
disappointd i handshaked
later he wz at the front
so the trikster foold me again

he 8 n sang n breethd into th mic
buzzd terribul like it didn't recogniz hm
4 a moment we wer all pssssd
then were kompleetlee happee

A picture named bissett.jpg

invited bill & Adeena to the Temple
frends 4 over 20 yrs talkn n konnekting 2gethr
while reading they merg in2 each othr nicelee
i wz reelee xcited

th dreem was 2 dew blew treez
n share n love n help
b ing creeativ interests peopul
2 meet them freely n prsonal

n we did

- See: scenik narratif

:: note :: ... bill bissett and Adeena Karasick were in Saskatoon for a Festival ... even though they knew nothing of me they found time to visit & share their generous spirits ... am forever grateful ...