Saturday, April 05, 2008

Last Days

"These two concepts, practice and play, taken at their most serious and most spiritual, was what Grotowski gave his life to. "

"Grotowski's effects on theatre flow from three ideas that he identified, explored, and attempted to systematize. First, that powerful acting occurs at a meeting place between the personal and the archetypal-in this he continued and deepened the work of Stanislavsky. Second, that the most effective theatre is the "poor theatre" - one with a minimum of accoutrements beyond the presence of the actors. Third, that theatre is intercultural, differentiating and relating performance "truths" in and from many cultures. He explored these ideas over a lifetime of scrupulous work with people, work that was precise, detailed, systematic, physical; a set of practices more than a colloquium of ideas or beliefs. His writings can appear inspirational or opaque. But working with him was another matter altogether.
(TDR/ Drama Review / Vol. 43, No. 2, Summer, 1999 / ISSN:10542043)

- See: 3Life

:: note :: ... last day of classes ... these are the links between the worlds: personal to archetype/poor/intercultural ... a serious playful practice ...