Friday, August 08, 2008


1/? what is blood for

2/? what dies in you

3/? how do you like the war

4/? will you be here next year

5/? do u want 2 b emptee

6/? do you interrogate your impulses ... 'does Beckett strike you as a person who ever interrogated his own economic impulses?' ...

7/? is your id intact

8/? am I an imposter

9/? how to find that which i can't even remember is lost

10/? is it just a look

11/? when does the accident become the condition

12/? are we part of the anger

13/? beyond all help

14/? which irreversible process (decay, history) is too personal ...

15/? what does it mean to finish (Mark DuCharme) ...

16/? how do you keep the faith

- See: Questions

:: note :: ... unconsciously asked a couple of questions on ... now a discipline a little like Oblique_Chirps ... live the questions was a credo ... now I watch my questions ...