Saturday, December 01, 2007

sex, language & religion

"Theatre of Catastrophe takes as its first principle the idea that art is not digestible. Rather, it is an irritant in consciousness, like the grain of sand in the oyster's gut... "(Theatre of Catastrophe)

"More specifically why this violent use of language? What purpose does it serve? Sometimes it is violent. Sometimes it is tranquil. The two states
coexist. But the violence of the tone is only a reflection of the passion of the
character to discover his or her freedom in a world which is insufficiently
gratifying for modern man... which is in fact, shrunk. This cry of violence is
a cry for more authentic experience than is available, not only from society,
but possibly - horror of horrors - from life itself"
(Challenging Conventions An Interview with Howard Barker by Gilles Menegaldo University of Poitiers)

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:: note :: ... sex, language & religion are the greatest obstacles to theater education ... schools are unable to adequately deal with "issues" ... the small minded political correctness dominates those with a disposition to virtue ...