Friday, June 01, 2007


"Stevens's commitment to the effectiveness of poetry results in a dynamic definition of the art. 'It is,' Stevens states, 'a violence from within that protects us from a violence without. It is the imagination pressing back against the pressure of reality.' Poetry is both a shield and a sword. It not only protects us from those inimical forces arrayed against us, it counterattacks as well. His definition is especially bracing when one considers that 'It' - and this is apparent only if one has read the entire passage - refers not to poetry, but rather to the nobility of poetry. The distinction is important: Stevens wishes to remind us of poetry's power to preserve our dignity and maintain our spirit under excruciating circumstances.
(AGNI |A Violence from Within: Poetry and Terrorism by Kenneth Sherman)

- See: ArtistsSpeak

:: note :: ... imagination in terms of pressure ... zygmunt always talked about the proper pressure ... press a spring too tightly - it breaks ... too lightly and no thrust ... imagination in terms of dignity ... to do goodness means to increase dignity via forgiveness & thankfulness applying (care&admiration&)Love ...