Sunday, May 27, 2007


:: note :: ... have spent some time (like most) with social networking, music, picture/share/tag/link/communication sites - MySpace, Facebook, Twitter,, Flickr,, Google Groups & all ... have created an Avatar & spent minimal time in virtual realities ... rarely chat via IM ... have assorted RSS Readers ... have subscriptions to forums, make occasional comments & email ... spend quite some time blogging ... all of this due to curiosity & it seems to maintain a webimprint w[e]btr[pl]ace or webp[resence]ersona ... it has not created a large social network nor contact (thank goodness)... after years now still unable to articulate fully why do it ... of all the writing here @ if is the most fun & fruitful ... not that it communicates to anyone but writing to myself has been stimulating ... even the html/css/underthehood learning has been rewarding ... the time serves to loop back towards enriching the recording of self reflection ... two of my fav bloggers danah boyd & Dina Mehta have written much exploring the why and implications ... so continue I will with interest, energy, enthusiasm, abated excitement and abandon ...

- See: Social Networking