Tuesday, May 29, 2007


:: note :: ... being treacherous in safe places ... this is new ... linking to myself ... creating emotional fire to burn off logic stubble ... a type of landscape/mindscape clearing ... seems to be not very advantageous & must deal with a lot of tearing smoke ... watch the wind & be prepared for damage control ...

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Sunday, May 27, 2007


:: note :: ... have spent some time (like most) with social networking, music, picture/share/tag/link/communication sites - MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm, Flickr, del.icio.us, Google Groups & all ... have created an Avatar & spent minimal time in virtual realities ... rarely chat via IM ... have assorted RSS Readers ... have subscriptions to forums, make occasional comments & email ... spend quite some time blogging ... all of this due to curiosity & it seems to maintain a webimprint w[e]btr[pl]ace or webp[resence]ersona ... it has not created a large social network nor contact (thank goodness)... after years now still unable to articulate fully why do it ... of all the writing here @ if is the most fun & fruitful ... not that it communicates to anyone but writing to myself has been stimulating ... even the html/css/underthehood learning has been rewarding ... the time serves to loop back towards enriching the recording of self reflection ... two of my fav bloggers danah boyd & Dina Mehta have written much exploring the why and implications ... so continue I will with interest, energy, enthusiasm, abated excitement and abandon ...

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Friday, May 18, 2007

forever again

For a brief instant

at days end

the dancingness spoke quietly to the singingness

The theater

will always fade

I'm resigned

I'm resigned to

being memory

An actor with the gentle voice

whispered the harshest words

from the mask

as she courted


We left

with two empty hands

out of which

beauty revolved

as delicate as palms

centring the universe of the heart

You may no longer hold anything

not the twilight story

flute fading into the silent voice of your

peers and colleagues who had sung

in your circle

You are gone

All action will dissolve into

the living pulse

I'm pensive

Once more

will an old actor reciting alone

through empty space

text written by ancient forgotten players

wandering aimlessly

the lost landscape of shadow night

echoing out ...

O listener

share the mystery without turning away

let the time between us all

strip away false hopes

into the brilliant light

before the breath

exposes the fragile illusion which

so delicately flickers aura

forever again

forever again

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:: note :: ... a workshop ends with quiet dignity ... am in awe of the theater workers .. many thanks ...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dancing Freely

Dancing Freely

A light


in air

is like

a tiny determined




across the green carpet of dream

weaving silk web patterns

traces of stories

some deep, some delicately etched invisibly

strand by strand forever


imaginative pulses

of play and longing

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:: note :: ... day three of a workshop ... beautiful work

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pet Sounds Exhibit

"I love this exhibition. It shows how juxtaposition and instinct and a freewheeling approach can make for curatorial brilliance, when passion rather than cold logic fires the selection. "I experimented with sounds that make the listener feel loved," said Wilson of Pet Sounds. That is how this show makes you feel."(guadian unlimited arts| Still waters run deep)

Organism by Fred Tomaselli

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:: note :: ... the principle instinct & passion practised with diligence & imagination takes work & transforms the work into play opening into an intelligence of feeling ... that's what I think ... accessing instinct & passion requires a complex bundle of energy, excitement, enthusiasm with precise impulse following associations & abandon ... it demands being treacherous in safe places ...

Monday, May 07, 2007


A picture named quote.jpg

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:: note :: ... biking down back alleys came across this graffiti ... the bizzare thing is this post broke the last seven posts which will be fixed tomorrow ... i hope ...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bones Deep Inside

Listening To Bones Deep Inside

In the heart

a noble



the wind


into harsh eyes

tightening ancient tools


sharp slap

the world

hears echoing





quietly releasing



a complex movement





(apologies to Listening To Mountains From Behind Iron Bars | SUMMER 07: Huang Xiang)

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:: note :: ... one of my favourite activities is to find great writing and use the structure to activate my own imagination ...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Invisible Summer

"My job onstage is to be as open as possible, to weave the show without a script as it comes, and this leaves me very emotionally available and vulnerable, if an audience chooses to abuse that trust."(American Repertory Theatre Blog |A Night To Remember | Video of Disrupted performance)

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:: note :: ...a powerful statement of being onstage ... open & vulnerable ... trust in the audience when broken is a huge betrayal ...