Saturday, January 27, 2007

What can be done?

""To understand the work one must move from ontology, (what is art?) to pragmatism (what can art do?). Herein lies a possible revival of avant-garde politics - no longer historically "ahead", nor operating through shock and estrangement, but rather producing works that make things possible right now...""( - empyre - | Sharon Daniel)

" ... an artist as not one who continually advances existing vocabularies ( dominant cultural legacies ) but one who is reinscribing existing social-economic imperatives and, subsequently, must then defend the position created by that reinscription."( - empyre - |Christiane Robbins )

- See: Terms

:: note :: ... discussion on a January form ... "What is to be done?" as a quotation of V. I. Lenin's famous book from 1902 with the subtitle "Burning questions to our movement." ... we need skills for a participatory culture to develop sense and sensibility allowing consideration & content beyond structure and form ...