Wednesday, August 02, 2006


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"... [power] lies in the fact that [repetitive musics] cause the forgetting of what is being repeated and they make for a nonforgetting of time as a beat in place. Tradition is that which concerns time, not content. Whereas what the West wants from autonomy, invention, novelty, self-determination is the opposite - to forget time and to preserve, acquire and accumulate contents. To turn them into what we call history, and to think that it progresses because it accumulates. On the contrary, in the case of popular traditions ... nothing is accumulated, that is, the narratives must be repeated all the time because they are forgotten all the time. But what does not get forgotten is the temporal beat that does not stop sending the narratives to oblivion. "(Just Gaming
. Lyotard

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:: note :: ... the whole dada movement about spontaneity in process, work & performance lives & is continually documented ... it is a practice of devising and a response to the structural violence & separation of people from power ... an eternal response felt as much today as yesterday ... memory, tradition, history: slippery words ...