Wednesday, May 10, 2006

silvia legris

             The fall seems eternal

             but the winter . . .

             Air cackles off-key.

[the day           Incessant tympanic

will be

8 hrs.,              orchestral

43 min.

long]                movements frozen

              somewhere backwards
              in time. Static-
              bristling (cochlear

(from Nerve Squall - sylvia legris)

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:: note :: ... a brilliant saskatoon writer who deserves a wide readership ... shortlisted for the Griffin ... cochlea (noun ) the spiral cavity of the inner ear containing the organ of Corti, which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations. DERIVATIVES cochlear ORIGIN mid 16th cent.(used to denote spiral objects such as a spiral staircase and an Archimedean screw): from Latin, 'snail shell or screw,' from Greek kokhlias. The current sense dates from the late 17th cent. ...