Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bob Dylan

"Those of us who revere him will continue to find ample reasons for our devotion. Perhaps too we can learn to listen to the silence amid the thunder and pay him another kind of tribute: to recall "the inspiration behind the inspiration" that first made it all real for us - to look back, and then beyond."(openDemocracy | Bob Dylan's revolution in the head : As Dylan turns 65)

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:: note :: ... how can i let this moment pass ... no other popular artist has cast such a shadow ... in my early adolescence i surrendered to the "protest artist" & strove relentlessly to become the elusive trickster shaman he was ... his rolling thunder roared me into being ... his hard rain baptized ... every decade i would cast off all his recordings, books, images and films only to gather them all up again ... the cycle from vinal to tape to cd to dvd to mp3 ... yes five cycles and counting ... a chronicle of reinvention ... in hommage and devotion thanks for the revolution in the head ... the inspiration ... the no direction home ... blowing & blowing & blowing in the wind until the knock on heaven's door ...