Saturday, May 27, 2006


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:: note :: ...lots of time up the stairs, in the house and the booth ... students on stage ...

Friday, May 26, 2006

Quellnymphe 1

Quellnymphe 1
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Andre Gregory

"'I think you're born a shaman,' Gregory says. "The shaman goes down into the darkness for the tribe, to bring light and growth to the harvest. The difficulty in our culture is that, unlike the Native American culture and many others, it's not recognized and there's nobody to train you. So you're unconsciously a shaman for a long time, which often means you go down into the darkness and you don't know how to come back up.""(Andre Gregory Sees the Light)

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:: note :: ... met Andre in Poland during a "beehive" in the mid 70's & was delighted to see him still performing ... nice to know you once confronted a legend ...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bob Dylan

"Those of us who revere him will continue to find ample reasons for our devotion. Perhaps too we can learn to listen to the silence amid the thunder and pay him another kind of tribute: to recall "the inspiration behind the inspiration" that first made it all real for us - to look back, and then beyond."(openDemocracy | Bob Dylan's revolution in the head : As Dylan turns 65)

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:: note :: ... how can i let this moment pass ... no other popular artist has cast such a shadow ... in my early adolescence i surrendered to the "protest artist" & strove relentlessly to become the elusive trickster shaman he was ... his rolling thunder roared me into being ... his hard rain baptized ... every decade i would cast off all his recordings, books, images and films only to gather them all up again ... the cycle from vinal to tape to cd to dvd to mp3 ... yes five cycles and counting ... a chronicle of reinvention ... in hommage and devotion thanks for the revolution in the head ... the inspiration ... the no direction home ... blowing & blowing & blowing in the wind until the knock on heaven's door ...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Tom Moody

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Tom Moody

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:: note :: ... was once accused of using a "hypnotic" voice while teaching ... my lessons verged on propoganda it was said ... "you teach nothing" just brainwash us into all this bullshit of the imagination ... what was remarkable was how effective this rant was in enabling those leaders that felt threatened by anything other their status quo rational logic to discredit the work for them ...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Peter Rose

"Peter brings a level of attention and presence to the stage that one rarely sees. He's really and truly there and he's actually doing whatever he's doing. I know this sounds sort of esoteric or unapproachable, but its not. I mean, when you're in theater school we talk about presence and attention, we talk about being "in the moment", we talk about the radical ideas of early experimental theater and then we move on into the real world."(culturbot | Cleansing the Senses )

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:: note :: ... my senses tingled reading that Peter Rose was performing again ...followed his work at a distance passing each other at various performace sites in the late 70's ... the reviews suggest both a rich narrative tale and an accurate moment of theater history ...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stanley Kunitz

from Night Letter

My dear, is it too late for peace, too late

For men to gather at the wells to drink

The sweet water; too late for fellowship

And laughter at the forge; too late for us

To say, "Let us be good to one another"?

The lamps go singly out; the valley sleeps;

I tend the last light shining on the farms

And keep for you the thought of love alive,

As scholars dungeoned in an ignorant age

Tended the embers of the Trojan fire.

Cities shall suffer siege and some shall fall,

But man's not taken. What the deep heart means,

Its message of the big, round, childish hand,

Its wonder, its simple lonely cry,

The bloodied envelope addressed to you,

Is history, that wide and mortal pang.

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:: note :: ... this was the first poet introduced to me via the internet ... above words seem like a perfect epitaph ... a wide & mortal pang in a simple lonely cry ...bye

Thursday, May 18, 2006


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:: note :: ... Powwow at the school today ... joyful self affirmations ... danced & drummed with Wild Horse Drummers ...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

happiness is

. . . happiness is poverty

own nothing

not even your memories . . .

(sweet words from the tower)

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:: note :: ... the conscious barrenness of death & futility countered by abundance raises affirmations towards the simple poverty of beauty . . .

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


"'On the heath Lear asks Gloucester: "How do you see the world?" And Gloucester, who is blind, answers: 'I see it feelingly.'" (Chris Corrigan | Six observations about seeing)

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:: note :: ... feelingly is so much about body- space - image ... feelingly is the capacity to be creating bodily presence in the spatial image ... oh well ... goodnight ...

Monday, May 15, 2006


the silver heart

partially hidden


the wide eyes

barely holding gaze


the sure voice

vieled in longing


electra holds the false ashes

electra turned her face from the burning.

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:: note :: ... we constantly speak to ourselves ... if only we'd listen ...

Sunday, May 14, 2006


RADIANCE: An Experience of Light (1978) Through religion, philosophy, psychology, art, and architecture, RADIANCE presents light as a universal symbol of life. This film invites the viewer to see how images of light continue from ancient cultures through modern times, connecting the visions of people throughout the world. Natural images, unusual special effects, and poetic narration are woven together with musical selections to develop an evocative documentary on light, from the metaphysical to the physical Director: Dorothy Fadiman Producer: Michael Wiese Production Company: Fadiman Productions

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:: note :: ... hmmm ... internet archive of moving images ... just a marker to note a shift listening to more&more podcasts ... watching more&more downloads ... hmmm ...

Friday, May 12, 2006

thinking before mothers day

perfect pitch (notes for my mother)

Since you were buried
Your singers are scattered like dust.
- Kuan P'an-pan (8th-9th century)


i write in my brother's house over christmas.

he lives six blocks from the house our mother was born in.

no ghosts     except ones i bring.


my mother sleeps in a room at the top of stairs.

at night the house breathes


hear her breath.


houses on sunnyside old as my mother her mother

her mother's mother.

red brick      steeped in blood.


every time a truck rolls by

the windows of my mother's house shake.

windows of my brother's house shake.


someone down the street burns garbage.
my mother watches her brother from the back step empty
ashes from furnace.


the man next door rakes leaves between patches of snow.
cigarette lingers on lip
smell of smoke.


air in high park so damp my clothes crimp.
my mother's grandmother drapes wet sweaters over radiators.
perfume of wool


at the kitchen table in the dark
i sit quietly thinking of you.


my mother watches her grandmother making soup.

pinch of salt over shoulder
imperceptible span
between fingers

(from circuitry of viens by Sylvia Legris)

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:: note :: ... every time a train rolls by the temple shakes ... the warning bell
tolls and the gates lower ... i listen & wait ... have never been in my brother's house ... grandmother's house no longer stands ... i watch mother looking out her kitchen window at birds nesting in the magnificent mountain ash ... she rubs her fingers willing them back to life ... i'll hold your hand tomorrow&tomorrow&to ... mother ...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

silvia legris

             The fall seems eternal

             but the winter . . .

             Air cackles off-key.

[the day           Incessant tympanic

will be

8 hrs.,              orchestral

43 min.

long]                movements frozen

              somewhere backwards
              in time. Static-
              bristling (cochlear

(from Nerve Squall - sylvia legris)

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:: note :: ... a brilliant saskatoon writer who deserves a wide readership ... shortlisted for the Griffin ... cochlea (noun ) the spiral cavity of the inner ear containing the organ of Corti, which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations. DERIVATIVES cochlear ORIGIN mid 16th cent.(used to denote spiral objects such as a spiral staircase and an Archimedean screw): from Latin, 'snail shell or screw,' from Greek kokhlias. The current sense dates from the late 17th cent. ...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


A picture named 20060525-bernstein.jpg
The New York Review of Books |The Secrets of the Bomb By Jeremy Bernstein

& related only through random surfing Shomei Tomatsu: Skin of the Nation

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:: note :: ... need to explore ... as a young student my father studied at Berkeley during the Manhatten Project ... though he had received a scholarship to study at one of the most prestidious universities working in his field of plasma physics he left months later ... he left knowing the 'pure science' research he was a part of was being used for American military purposes ... this was the man who once commanded me never to compromise myself ...

Monday, May 08, 2006


"Here we are in the presence not of religion, but of something at once primordial and all too contemporary. On a notecard from the 1950s, Rothko had written, in his usual clotted style that yet makes his meaning entirely clear:"

"'When I say that my paintings are Western, what I mean is that they seek the concretization of no state that is without the limits of western reason, no esoteric, extra-sensory or divine attributes to be achieved by prayer & terror. Those who can claim that these [limits] are exceeded are exhibiting self-imposed limitations as to the tensile limits of the imagination within those limits. In other words, that there is no yearning in these paintings for Paradise, or divination. On the contrary they are deeply involved in the possibility of ordinary humanity.'" (arts.telegraph | A room full of violence, and the silence of death)

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:: note :: ... after spending most of my practice & thought bonding the sacred to art(theater) a significant shift is happening ... celebration of experience ... open, cheerful appreciation ... devoid of divine ... bind art to gratitude ...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

spring tulips

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:: note :: ... tulips in the front yard of my mother's house in full splendor ... Ottawa Tulip Festival
... my mother grew up in Ottawa and when I planted these bulbs, sometimes with my son, these past few years it has been that connection I've explored ... know she loves tulips but have never asked why & even though she loves her home here know she loves Ottawa too ... there are no why's in beauty ... no why in most of living ... just do the work ... plant the bulbs in autumn ... spring always comes ...

Saturday, May 06, 2006


he dreamed ... softly walking down an eerily empty corridor of a dazzlingly new elementary school ... he opened a classroom door at the very end of the hallway to find himself at the back of a crowded grade three class ... the young faces were full of joy as they finger painted ... his co-operating teacher of over twenty years ago smiled inviting him to the blackboard ... excited to see her again he stopped and remembered she had recently recovered from a serious battle with cancer ... the room darkened and lowered to another realm ... the young students were suddenly comatose ... he was in a laboratory desperately piling bodies into a bathtub ... an invisible flesh eating gas was attacking the children ... workers in white lab coats were slashing through canvas walls ... he was wearing a gas mask ... a nerve gas he thought intended to annihilate all vital material ... this is senseless ... panic stricken he awoke ...

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Friday, May 05, 2006


"The decision regarding the distribution of funding was not made by curators, juries or committees, but by the submitters themselves."(context weblog | net community hacks cultural funding system)

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:: note :: ... a self-managed cultural funding ... the breaking down of heiarchy ... yes ... a source of joy ... beautifully & creatively nihilistic ... allow the free spirit to be heroic ... courage, cheerful and energetic ... be open, appreciative and equally observant of everything ... active, generous and positive ... happily re-invent continuously ...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rohinton Mistry

:: note :: ... attended an authors reading tonight at the Broadway Theater ... Rohinton Mistery reading from Such a Long Journey ... a full, rich voice with a soft vibratory drone and a gentle melodious rise and fall lent both humour and spirit to the written word ...

concise and erudite introductions to the passages allowed subtle insight into the workings of this story-teller ... a calm centered presence answered audience questions on his family and Parsi (Zorastrrian) heritage with humility letting slip, a quiet touch of irony under his breath, i am "a man of few words ... who embraces a story" ...

a writer of carefully crafted prose reads with a confident texture and layering in a carefully studied tone musically placing the spoken word comfortably into the space of imagination ...

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

out of sync

"... funny, inquisitive, withdrawn, clever, aggressive, comatose, sensitive, imaginative, confident, challenging, open, inspiring, critical, hopeless... "(purse lip square jaw | Tired and happy)

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:: note :: ... all of that is so difficult when out of sync ... students impress me working with director of Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan ... it is they who make the impossible possible ... not great teachers inspire the world ... great students inspire ... so mired in my own mediocrity plod on ... Monet's Water Lilies bloom again ...

Monday, May 01, 2006


University of Alberta sends artsy students some cash


From Monday's Globe and Mail

Vancouver - After years of watching the arts lag behind engineering, medicine and science, the University of Alberta has established its own $1.5 - million annual fund to support students, faculty and researchers in the humanities, social sciences and fine arts. The Killam Research Fund was set up with $500,000 from the university and $1 - million from the Killam Trusts, which give out scholarships and research grants across Canada.

University president Indira Samarasekera said it would help address "repeated and systematic" underfunding of the arts by the provincial government. The Alberta government has set up a $300-million endowment fund for health researchers and is building a $1-billion fund for science and engineering. There is no such provincial fund for social sciences and humanities, which represent the majority of students and faculty in Canada. (via

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:: note :: ... had to copy the whole article knowing linkrot will occur ...