Thursday, April 06, 2006


he dreamed ... softly walking down an eerily empty corridor of a dazzlingly new elementary school ... he opened a classroom door at the very end of the hallway to find himself at the back of a crowded grade three class ... the young faces were full of joy as they finger painted ... his co-operating teacher of over twenty years ago smiled inviting him to the blackboard ... excited to see her again he stopped and remembered she had recently recovered from a serious battle with cancer ... the room darkened and lowered to another realm ... the young students were suddenly comatose ... he was in a laboratory desperately piling bodies into a bathtub ... an invisible flesh eating gas was attacking the children ... workers in white lab coats were slashing through canvas walls ... he was wearing a gas mask ... a nerve gas he thought intended to annihilate all vital material ... this is senseless ... panic stricken he awoke ...

- See: Dreams