Saturday, April 08, 2006


"Here we are in the presence not of religion, but of something at once primordial and all too contemporary. On a notecard from the 1950s, Rothko had written, in his usual clotted style that yet makes his meaning entirely clear:"

"'When I say that my paintings are Western, what I mean is that they seek the concretization of no state that is without the limits of western reason, no esoteric, extra-sensory or divine attributes to be achieved by prayer & terror. Those who can claim that these [limits] are exceeded are exhibiting self-imposed limitations as to the tensile limits of the imagination within those limits. In other words, that there is no yearning in these paintings for Paradise, or divination. On the contrary they are deeply involved in the possibility of ordinary humanity.'" (arts.telegraph | A room full of violence, and the silence of death)

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:: note :: ... after spending most of my practice & thought bonding the sacred to art(theater) a significant shift is happening ... celebration of experience ... open, cheerful appreciation ... devoid of divine ... bind art to gratitude ...