Sunday, February 26, 2006


Short Talk on Homo Sapiens
With small cuts Cro-Magnon man recorded the moon's phases on the handles of his tools, thinking about her as he worked. Animals. Horizon. Face in a pan of water. In every story I tell comes a point where I can see no further. i hate that point. It is why they call storytellers blind - a taunt.
(Anne Carson. Short Talks. Short Talk on Homo Sapiens. 13)

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Short Talk on Imitation

With short breaths the speaker recorded vowel patterns on the ocean sands dreaming about the other. Monologue. Dialogue. Echo. A singing bowl in a pail of water. In every scene there comes a point where action silences. I listen for that point. It is why Plato called actors fools - imitators.
(Raymon Montalbetti. Short Talks. Short Talk on Imitation.)

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