Saturday, February 11, 2006

Drama: Building a Language for SIAST

The Mask: Discover story.
1. Mask Intro
The Universal Mask. The full, half & character mask.
Experiencing the mask.
Watch the imagination
2. Enter the Mask
Trust in the mask & partner.
Working with the mask.
Trust the imagination.
3. From Inside
Inner observation.
See with freshness & clarity
Feel the imagination
4. From Outside
Seeing the mask.
Connecting to another.
Building imagination.
5. Giving Voice
Voice the character mask.
Transform the action
Listening to imagination.
6. The Character
Preparing a character.
Creating a Role.
Playing with imagination.
7. Story
Articulating the imagination
8. Rhythm & Detail
Composing the narrative.
Shaping the imagination.
9. Communication
Sharing the narrative.
Liberating the imagination.
10. Communion
The mystery of the narrative.
Surrendering to imagination.
Dramatization: Articulate story.
1. Following the narrative.
2. Exploring, extending, expanding, and entering the narrative.
3. Elements of Theater
4. Repetition
5. The Performance
Image Theater: Release story
1. The Beginning Pose.
2. Improvisation I.
3. Poetics.
4. Emotional dynamisation.
5. Ritual.
6. Script.
7. Playing.
8. Improvisation II.
9. The Video.
10. The Audience.
11. The Closing Circle.
Theater is the first human invention and also the invention which paves the way for all other inventions and discoveries.
Theater is born when the human being discovers that it can observe itself; when it discovers that, in this act of seeing, it can see itself - see itself in situ: see itself seeing.
(augusto boal. Rainbow of Desire)