Monday, February 13, 2006


She dreamed.
I had arrived in Italy by bus. It could hardly be called a bus rather a cart with no sides or roof. We dangerously speed around winding passes and I clung to the seat in front me holding on as planes buzzed overhead. Just get me safely to the city and all will be well.

War had broken out. Bombing could be heard throughout the Italian city. A foreigner wishing to flee the country I had nowhere to go. Rushing into the street hoards of soldiers swept me away. Fearing that soon I would be one of the dead or wounded I escaped into the nearest door to find myself inside a coffee house.

"Respite," I thought and ordered a coffee. The shop owner informed there were no more mugs and seeing my huge disappointment she turned away and promised to look once more.

At the table behind me sat a group of men talking. I approached hoping to get some information on how to leave the city. In halting Italian I asked what was happening. One of the men corrected my pronunciation. I asked again and again he corrected me. The whole conversation dissolved into him correcting me around the word "sircock". Finally totally frustrated I returned to my seat. The shopkeeper placed a tea cup in front of me. "It's all I have" she said. I didn't care I just wanted some coffee. The cup was full of tea leaves. Removing them seemed an impossible chore and I left without coffee or respite.

The streets were full of menacing soldiers. With no hope and wanting to hide I broke into the basement of a house. Quietly I ascended the wooden staircase but the creaking betrayed me. An old man, the owner of the house, caught me. In order to stay protected I was forced to sleep with him and became pregnant.

The conditions of war made it impossible to go to a hospital so I prepared a home birth. After the birth my plan was to escape. During birth the house was bombed killing us all.

She awoke.

- See: Dreams

:: note :: ... while my partner dreamed I read Foreign Romance by Suzann Kole ...