Friday, January 13, 2006


" 'Aura' is an elusive term for that which is elusive. . . 'Aura' is an unfathomable darkness, unbridgeable distance, unexpected reciprocity. As such, it combines both negative and positive moments. On the one hand, it is a form of obscurity and inscrutability, a murky residue on the cultic origins of the work of art; on the other, it is a source of 'melancholy, incomparable beauty', a moment of mutual recognition, a mnemonic device for the remembrance of the dead. "(Gilloch | Walter Benjamin Critical Constellations | Benjamin On-Air, Benjamin on Aura 177 )

:: note :: . . . the young & the younger bring tears to my eyes . . . weave space & time into dancingness and singingness says the wisest of all . . . goodnight you dear souls . . . let us dream . . .