Friday, June 24, 2005

Story of the Rock
(from: Tales of Wandering Imagination)
"Across the evolution of time, mystery peers in the depths of our creation. Where did the rock come from? How long has it been here? For the mystery will forever lie with the land, the sky, wind and rain. For the sake of well being, humans carry the rock, as the land and humans change decade to century. The rock has been carried by wise men, who cherish it and know the history of the rock. The old man with trembling knees, moves towards the river. He comes upon what he feels is the place to lay the rock. He looks to the sky in hopes he has found the place. The wise man gently lays the rock in the water. Now his spirit is set freee. The old man walks slowly off into the depths of the woods, proud of his journey."(Story of the Rock - Kevin Caron|Stories by 2005 SIAST Communications Class)

:: note :: . . . received a beautiful gift . . . writings from the students . . . more to add . . .