Thursday, June 16, 2005

"I began this article with an epigram. A quote by Artaud. Artaud -- who later in life went mad, went as far as he could go toward dissolving his own sense of ego -- is the schiz who here provides the point of departure and the point of destination. In 1938, Artaud called for a theatre that would be like the plague. Not a nice theatre. Not a theatre that respects boundaries and limits. Not a theatre that waits for the appropriate time to mount its dark myths. A theatre, an art, that is truly radical and which can, therefore, make a difference. He called such theater the theater of cruelty. The current political regime of the U.S. sometimes calls it a theater of terror."(|When Taste Politics Meet Terror The Critical Art Ensemble on Trial Joan Hawkins)

(via wood s lot)

:: note :: . . . insidious . . . our school bans public performance of plays like Ecstasy of Rita Joe . . . contemplates uniforms . . . school identity badges to be worn by all for vigilant, easy tracking . . . theater of terror . . .