Friday, December 24, 2004

"Where did you learn it?" "I learned it during the course of my life." "Did your father teach you that?" "No. Let's say I learned it by myself..."

"This is an appealing view of learning since most of what we value in life we probably have not been taught in an educational sense of the word, but have learned it for ourselves through experience.

"The idea of erasing our personal history is alien to a culture that embraces the collection and distribution of information."(THE EXPERIENCE DESIGNER NETWORK:How do we learn the things we value most? |Carlos Castaneda: The World We All Know Is Only A Description)

:: note :: . . . learning and Castaneda . . . spent many a month devouring the works of Castaneda in my youth and awaited each new volume of the journey . . . whether they were historically 'true' or not they shaped my story . . . have learnt that many of the 'seeing' practices when consistently performed make profound changes in ways of seeing/being . . .