Saturday, September 18, 2004

"For the first time in Saskatchewan, artists are being recognized as workers in the sense that most people are. The act’s recognition of “the important contribution of artists” and “the value of artistic creativity” to the cultural, social, economic and educational life of Saskatchewan, is pretty much motherhood – who would disagree? – but its nod toward “the importance to artists of being fairly compensated for the creation and use of their artistic works” is downright revolutionary. So too is its recognition of the “the right of artists to enjoy the same economic and social benefits that are available to other workers in Saskatchewan.”"

"In one fell swoop, the government gave to artists rights – on paper, at any rate – that most other residents of Saskatchewan have enjoyed for years."

"But now, as Kutz says, it’s time to actually make some of that happen."(Status of the Artist - An Update |Dave Margoshes )

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