Monday, July 26, 2004

Voodoo Bunny Series

Voodoo Bunny Series
Artist & Story: Duane Dorgan
Materials: water colours on paper

. . . the music seemed to unfold as it had to each piece opening more and showing a bigger picture. It was an evening of completely original music. In the credits, the names of both composers appeared on all compositions. There were breath-taking solos by both. the four handed playing had a harmony and texture such that one could at times imagine hearing a cello or violins. At times trumpets, flutes and voices. There was no intermission. As this musical landscape opened there was more and more space.

Voodoo Bunny Snowman

Voodoo Bunny Silent Night

Voodoo Bunny Mr. Frog at Home

Voodoo Bunny Summer

Voodoo Bunny Fall

Voodoo Bunny Winter

Voodoo Bunny Northern Lights

Voodoo Bunny I hadn't seen Mr. Bunny for a couple years not since the new millenium I attended the concert at the invitation of a mutual friend.