Monday, July 19, 2004

time again

the water snake rises into joy

wind travelling floatsom

tiny salt water spirits tumble across pebbles

as gulls soar into the setting sun

multifaceted hues the length and breadth of eternity

kiss the trembling aspens with lips of light

as the choke cherries ripen into deep purple

(summer travels 8/16/01)

:: note :: . . . the temple floods with sand memory . . . on the roof the pebbles baked into tar scratch the back into immobility . . . listen to the love poems scavenged by wood s lot . . . accepted the invite . . .


The sand is like acres of wet milk

Poured out under the moonlight;

It crawls up about your brown feet

Like wine trodden from white stars.

From the Arabic of John Duncan.

(via The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Garden of Bright Waters by Translated by Edward Powys Mathers )