Thursday, July 01, 2004

" . . . be light, not weighted down by eighteenth-and-nineteenth century concepts of nationhood, theoretical grids and templates, the formal apparatus of a homogenizing economic system and legislation that attempt once and for all to resolve the disparate elements and paradoxes that make up this society. Leave it to its ambivalences, its frictions, its civility, its anonymity, its mystery, its slow unfolding; leave it to the debate, the haggling and wheedling and coaxing. Drop the need to find lasting solutions for what may not be a problem. Meaning may reside for us in the way that we address injustices, in the dialogues we support, in the messages we send, and in what we intuit about our secret selves."(A CANADA of LIGHT by B. W. Powe |

(via wood s lot with many thanks and regards)

:: note :: . . . what an incredible meditation . . . be light . . .