Tuesday, July 13, 2004

"All places communicate instantly with all other places, a sense of isloation is delt only during the trip between one place and the other, that is, when you are in no place. I, in fact, find myself here without a here or an elsewhere, recognized as an outsider by the nonoutsiders and envy them. Yes, envy. I am looking from the outside at the life of an ordinary evening in an ordinary little city, and I realize I am cut off from ordinary evenings for god knows how long, and I think of thousands of little cities like this, of hundereds of thousands of lighted places where at this hour people allow the evening's darkness to descend and have none of the thoughts in their head that I have in mine; maybe they have other thoughts that aren't at all enviable, but at this moment I would be willing to trade with any of them. p. 17"(Calvino. On a Winter's Night a Traveller... p. 17)

(via bryan to haijan)
:: note :: . . . watch packing into boxes . . . summer clothes, spring clothes, winter . . . new phases into old seasons . . . the impossible becomes possible . . . to nyu with love . . .