Wednesday, June 16, 2004

"The vast majority of Canadians despise these "Leaders' Debates" which are in essence public dogfights. The media openly speak of the odds, about which contender can draw the most blood and what he has to do to win or, at least, come out unscathed. On the basis of these merits, each contender is supposed to prove he deserves our trust and our vote."

"After the debate, the air waves and media will be filled with the views of the pundits on "who won" and how it will affect the outcome of the election. "

"Canadians have utter contempt for these politics which serve the aims of the rich and keep the people totally disenfranchised."(MARXIST-LENINIST PARTY OF CANADA |A Public Dogfight Is Not a Leaders' Debate)

:: note :: . . . in my teens joined the communist party and even attempted to join the Black Panther Party
. . .Soul On Ice
was a fasinating read at that time . . . today the MLPC still speaks clearly to many issues which need addressing though will never be spoken about . . .