Monday, June 28, 2004

"Between my MA and PhD, my student loan payments were set at $962 a month (including interest) for ten years. Seriously, that's what my BA and MA cost me - attending public universities in one of the world's wealthiest nations - with no opportunity to reduce that amount no matter how well I do or what I contribute to my country. "(purse lip square jaw | Get out the vote!)

:: note :: . . . the above education debt is an atrocity . . . myself putting two children through university and it is only the foresight, over eighteen years ago, to invest in a education savings fund which allows a debt free first degree . . . further education is much more problematic . . . have voted NDP . . . reluctantly . . . a serious mistrust for any major party . . . A picture named election.jpg
& to the rest of canada thinking sask. is redneck conservative . . . the center left combined vote is strong . .