Sunday, March 21, 2004

""When you look at yourself as a director, you think you are too clever in certain aspects," Mr. Von Trier said. "The rules that you make for yourself should work against that. If I felt I was being a bit too clever and aesthetic about the colors, for example, then the rule would be, `You are not supposed to touch the color button.' So for my part, that's why my rules are changing all the time. I'm looking at myself from my mentor's point of view."" (NYTimes | Movies | Dogme: Still Strong, but Less Dogmatic By DAVE KEHR)

:: note :: . . . philosophy of change . . . re-imagining the act[ion] . . . setting yourself obstacles . . . looking at yourself from your mentor's point of view . . . while working it seems so important to trick oneself and not fall into the easy, learned tricks of the trade . . . entering the limits of what is possible without a violation of the nature of what you are doing . . . to allow the change or rather see change as an essential implication . . .

max streicher