Friday, March 26, 2004

"In Hungary, I've been told, they often say that when a night in the theatre was good, an angel went through the stage, one time, two times, many times. And for me this moment is the most important thing about the theatre, and a thing which no other art form has, this moment when an angel goes throught the stage."

"What happens in those moments?"

"Of course I don't know, no one does, because it just happens, or it just does not happen; one night it happens at that part of the play, the next night in another part. "

"For me these intense and clear moments, although they are hardly explainable, are moments of understanding, moments when the people who are present, the actors, the audience, together experience something which makes them understand something they never before have understood, at least not as they now understand it."(Looking forward, looking back: theatre and the spiritual, messages to a new world | When an angel goes throughthe stage | Jon Fosse )